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Family Centered Systems of Care Flexible Funds

     Guidelines for use of the Flexible Funds
  • Each family with an eligible child (as determined through required Severe Emotional Disturbance (SED) criteria sheet or Mental Health Center assessment) may apply for flexible funds no more than 2 times per calendar year.  The maximum amount per family per request cannot exceed $150.00
  • A maximum amount of $50 will be allowed on applications for birthday, Christmas, or other gifts, per SED child.  For clothing requests, $50.00 per child in the home will be allowed, up to the $150.00 masimum.  This type of application must specify exact items to be purchased, for approval by the Board of Directors / Council Officers.  Only one award of this nature, per child per year, will be approved.  The items requested are the only items authorized for purchase.  Any changes must have prior approval.
  • A maximum amount of $150.00 will be allowed on applications for utility and rent related expenses.  The application must state how the family plans to resolve this issue in the future.
  • A minnimum of (2) attempts must be made to check other community resources; documentation of these attempts is required.  Requests can only be approved if the funding requested is not covered by other agencies or sources.
  • Professionals requesting the use of these funds are expected to follow these guidelines, and to use professional and ethical judgments, in making requests.
  • As least (2) Board Members / Council Officers and (1) Parent of an SED youth will approve each application, prior to issuance of flexible funds check.  Board Members / Council Officers consist of: Board of Directors, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary.  The Council can approve an amount of Flexible Funds which are greater or less than the original amount requested, based on the availability of funds.
  • Funds may be paid directly to a vendor, or expended by a professional.  Funds are never given directly to the client/family.  The original receipt(s) must be submitted, to the person listed below, no later than 30 days after receiving funds.
  • Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will result in denial of future funding applications.  All applications are to be submitted and original receipts returned to the person listed below.
     All Applications are to be submitted and original receipts returned to: 

          LeA'nn M. Glover - Parent Support Coordinator
          The Guidance Center - J. David Kaaz Memorial Campus
          500 Limit 
          Leavenworth, KS 66048

          Tel.  (913) 682-5118 
          Fax: (913) 682-4664

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